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"Zygmunt was my lord and I became a knight"

Przepraszając za swój angielski, Christian Nadin, reżyser, przesłał  kolejne wspomnienie pracy z "Majstrem Molikiem" (określenie Ludwika Flaszena).
Mam nadzieję, że nawet nie przetłumaczone, sprawić może wiele przyjemności. 
Tym bardziej, że przy okazji, jest to zabawny tekst.

Also sorry for my bad english!

Your appreciation about my text touch me deep. My meeting with Zygmunt has been a gift in my life and naturally I have to give you a little of my time to write some words about him.

I participated only in one workshop with Zygmunt in Torino. Only 10 days in 1989...
But the circumstances were peculiar for me.
Without Gianni and my friendship with him probably I would never have met Zygmunt.
The Grotowski's work is not popular in France. It is suspect !
When I arrived in Torino, it was the end of the first session and Zygmunt answered to the questions about his work. Then I discovered the movies as Constant Prince or Apocalypsis...
My first impressions were : all these people are crazy ! I have to return in France !
But if I'm not very brave, I'm curious and finally I participated to the second session... And it was a Big Bang!
I was lucky because each evening after the work I had the opportunity to follow Zygmunt and Gianni, to eat with them, to talk with them... to drink with them !
So I could appreciate Zygmunt as a master and as a man.

I can give you some details about my work experience with Zygmunt.
Zygmunt wanted that everyone proposes a text and a song. But Gianni didn't warn me and so I had not prepared anything...
I remembered an extract of Richard III by Shakespeare and this choice pleased Zygmunt.
But I refused to present a song. So Zygmunt has kept silent but he was very angry !
The last day of the workshop, I presented Shakespare's text and after some seconds he just told me : " Yes, there was Richard".
It was magic. It seemed me Zygmunt was my lord and I became a knight...

Among the other participants I remember a boy who was a true clown!
Zygmunt showed many affection for him and he has passed much time to coach him.
I saw how Zygmunt could adapt his work for each of us.

Many times, I tried to participate another workshop with Zygmunt but there was always a problem at the last minute (work, family or disease).
It's strange, no ?

Poprzedni tekst Christiana Nadina zamieściłam - 27.02.2011, pisząc o naszym przyjacielu z Turynu - Giannim, o którym Autor powyższego tekstu także wspomina.

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