wtorek, 29 lipca 2014

...so I will join again

Staż we Wrocławiu, 24-29 czerwca 2014, Jorge Parente - Zoe Ogeret

Sabrina Ronacher (1988)
University, Economics (2007-2010)
Theatre School Munich (2012-2015)
Modern Dance: 8 years

zdjęcie ze spektaklu   Die Verwandlung -
Ludwik Maximilians Universitat Munchen

Korespondencja z 29.07.2014
Dear Ewa.
Thank you so much for the photos - it's a nice memory of this great week.

I wanted to tell you that this workshop really changed my conciousness; I don't have this feeling any more that my voice is not loud enough or broad enough or just like a cup of tea instead of a real dark red wine - I found out that everybody can develop this dark red wine voice if you work on your body - and so we did really intense with Jorge in this few days in Wroclaw.

I'm really happy that I could be part of it - actually I will join Jorge and Zoe at their next workshop in Brasil :)
My friend is living there and I will visit him in September - the workshop will be not far away so I will join again :)

Hope to come back soon to Poland - i enjoyed it so much.
Thank you and greetings from Munich,  Sabrina 


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